Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Adult Passwords Education Kent

She had seen few men's dicks in her young life, even fewer erect, and they had all seemed to be about the same size as her husband's. These native dicks were of another order altogether. Even flaccid they hung more than halfway down the men's thighs, making them much longer than William's had been when fully erect. She estimated that they were at least ten inches long. And they were much thicker, too. She doubted that she would be able to reach her fingers around one of the huge shafts. It boggled the mind of the eighteen-year-old English girl, and even as she considered her certain doom she couldn't help thinking about being fucked with one of those giant tools. Little did she know, she would find out soon enough.

"Yes, but I want to try something a little different."

But Kevin was more like his father than either of them would admit. Even though Kevin had been good enough to make the team, he spent most of his time on the bench. But because he was tall, and athletic, he had edged out a lot of better player at the tryouts. He was an okay shot from the free throw line, but from anywhere else, he needed a lot of practice. The point was mercilessly hammered home, when his neighbor had beaten him at hoops last night.

You see, my Master, a college student I call Jason (of course not his real name), had finally given me permission to jack myself off. This was only after almost a week of servicing his magnificent member, with my hands and mouth. I was about to burst. When Master Jason granted me this kindness, I almost did burst. I dashed into the bathroom for the washcloth and got right to work. Seven or eight strokes. It was laughable. But I was a fountain of cum, like I hadn't been for years and years. Even though I'm a 40-something man, you could have measured my cum in pints, not teaspoons. I lost two pounds (just kidding). I caught it all, on the cloth, and got busy eating my jizz. Tasty, but not as good as Master's. I offered him some, but he turned it down.

With one violent thrust, she orgasmed, and Nikki could feel the hot sperm flow deep inside of her as she herself orgasmed once, twice, and then again.

At that point, I really had no idea what she thought about me. I liked to think she felt some attraction toward me, but I couldn't really tell. Part of me felt very uneasy around her. For some reason I was scared to let my attraction to her show. Still, I got the feeling that she knew, and seemed to be subtly flirting with me. In the back of my head though, I didn't think the flirtation was real. Part of me thought it was just a game to her, and she liked the attention the idea of me being enamored with her.

"When I release your ear you will get on your knees, lift my dress, kiss my cunt, and verbally apologize to me."

The Wolf chuckled. "So that is what you want, Red. Interesting."

"Here, take off my shorts," she squealed. "And untie my shirt. It's tied under my tits. If you can find the knot," she giggled.

"Mmmm, what are you doing?" I asked her.

She pushed herself up from the bed and stood, then let the bathrobe slide off her short body to the floor. Naked, she descended back to the bed and resumed her lounging position.

Both had taken time to make sure they looked strong and dominant, ooking for the psychological edge. She radiated power with her stiletto PVC thigh boots gleaming under the spotlights, leather corset creating goddess like curves and accentuating the cleavage of her firm breasts. Those behind her could only marvel at the way the Y of her thong framed her pert buttocks. Her short jet black hair, severe makeup offset by blood red lips and wrist length red rubber gloves added to the effect. He had chosen leather boxer shorts, doc martens and boxing gloves to show off his tanned and muscled body. They had both reached the combat area, not breaking each others stare, winning was everything.

“What do you think about meeting the new couple Mark and Adriana suggested?

"Are the roads safe enough for her to go out?" I asked.

"Bonus, for what? How much?"

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